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LinkAssistant 4.4.3 SEO tool: build links and manage link partners on the fly!
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April 4, 2014

About LinkAssistant Professional

Looking for a solid link building tool? Get LinkAssistant: industry's #1 software for effortless link building and link tracking! The SEO tool lets you do a variety of link building tasks almost on auto-pilot:

  • Discover thousands of niche-specific websites to get backlinks from (6 link partner search methods!);
  • Easily pick out link sources with the most SEO value (the SEO value of each link source is calculated automatically);
  • Compose hundreds of personalized link partnership offers and dispatch them all in a hit (100% customizable email templates);
  • Preview partner websites in the built-in browser and leave comments right within the tool (at Web 2.0 sites);
  • Track who links back to your site and detect such tricks as nofollow attributes, robots.txt restrictions, frames, etc.;
  • Create an accurate links directory matching your site's design and upload it via FTP;
  • and more!
So, what are you waiting for? See how quick and easy link building and link management is with LinkAssistant. Try the Free version today - click Download!.

Changes in this version:

- Checking Domain Age factor in LinkAssistant got improved- LinkAssistant has become more efficient when extracting SEO data from mobile search engines - The built-in Chromium browser got updated to the latest version (Java 8 supported)

System requirements:

Java Runtime Environment 1.6+

( By SEO Software - LinkAssistant Professional Publisher )

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